Finally finished this little project this week.  All the images were taken within a few feet of my home.  All were taken with my Original Lensbaby and post-processed in Lightroom.  Bit of a fluke that turned into a longer project.  “Heading South” was the first, found in January of 2011 (it was a very warm winter).  I decided it would be fun to get all the cardinal directions with different birds.

  • South–geese following the warmth
  • West–a nighthawk screeches over the alley
  • North–one of the crows on his way back into the city after a day of wandering.  They straggle over our area as they return to their nightly murder….
  • East–the pigeons that forever circle our street

3 thoughts on “Headings

    • Thank you! My ‘Babies don’t see as much light as they used to either (I’ve actually been using “normal” glass!) but then I haven’t been shooting as much with any lenses lately…too many irons in the fire.


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