Cloggy Colgyrnach

Twist the time in line with the form
and you’ve killed it before its born;
tried too hard to twist
and shove its true gist
into torn
little lists,

but you’ve made a spirit of it;
given it to a life that’s lit
from within a place
where you’ll see it race
its own wit
into space.

And now I’ve gone and flipped it end
over end, and the form starts  rend-
ing itself to piec-
es, tears at the creas-
es that tend
to release

the poetic equivalent
(I hope it’s not irrelevant)
of hanging upside down
with knees wrapped around
gyms of sound.

Clogyrnach silliness.  I’ve taken some liberties with the form (I almost always do…).  Switched the rhymes of lines 5 and 6 in each stanza.

2 thoughts on “Cloggy Colgyrnach

  1. Thank you for saying so. Still seems a bit awkward to me. Still trying to find what this form speaks about best. It’s fun though.


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