Magic Hour

One of those times when the light was magical
and the colors glowed…

Unfortunately, the original full-size copies of these are gone…probably for good….

Ah, well…another lesson in letting go…


5 thoughts on “Magic Hour

      • Don’t worry about them not being full size, they are stunning even the size they are! May I ask how do you get such a lovely effect? If is a Photographer secret though…I’ll understand! 😉

      • No secret. I used my beloved Original Lensbaby. I have been shooting LB’s since 2007 and am a Lensbaby Addict. You can see more of my LB stuff on the LB forum:,1658
        Lensbabies are incredible creative tools for photography. I can’t recomend them enough! Feel free to contact me if you want to know more.

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